Saturday, February 27, 2010


Because of the snow day on Friday...
Our reading test for Cactus Hotel will be given on March 1st, along with the spelling test, and...the SOCIAL STUDIES TEST on pages 36-43 (Communities and Geography). Remember to study!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thursday, Feb. 25th is Spring Picture Day. Bring your BEST smile!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

ACADEMICS (Feb. 16 - 19)


Our story from last week, In My Family, will be extended through this week because of the snow days we had. Our test will be on Friday, Feb. 20th.

Last week we got to try empanadas that our reading aide, Mrs. Kurtzhals brought in. The children were glad that they were filled with apples instead of sweet potatoes or squash, like they were in the story! YUMMY!

This week we will be trying nopalitos (cactus), the food of last resort. We will also be sharing our family stories with our classmates.


We will be taking our Chapter test on nouns this week, and will then move on to our verb chapter.

Time for our chapter test here, too, after a review. Topics include addition properties, find a rule, and estimating sums and differences to hundreds and tens. Our next chapter will have us regrouping in addition and subtraction with double and triple digit numbers.

Have you filled a bucket today?


Sixth grade students in Mrs. Clover's class performed a skit at our Caring assembly last week. The assembly focused on remembering to be kind to others. Students who have been caught being kind were recognized at this time. When you are caught, a special grade level symbol is displayed in the cafeteria for the entire month. Third graders receive a "soccer ball" to color and display. At the end of each month, a winner is chosen from each classroom to receive a special treat from the cafeteria. Ask your son/daughter if they have been caught being kind this year!

Monday, February 8, 2010


We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday, Feb. 12th. Students are to bring in their valentine boxes and valentines by that date.