Sunday, February 27, 2011


On March 2nd, we will celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday by reading Dr. Seuss stories and doing special activities with some of his books.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ACADEMICS (Feb. 22 - 25)

Our story this week is Cactus Hotel, a non-fiction book about the life cycle of a saguaro cactus, by Brenda Z. Guiberson. It details the 200 year life-span of the cactus as it grows from a single seed to a towering cactus that is home to dozens of animals. Our test for this assessment will be on Tuesday, March 1st.
After studying past and present tense verbs, we are moving on to future tense verbs this week.
We are closing in on the end of our subtraction chapter. We have subtracted three-digit numbers with regrouping and also across zero. Our last topic will be inequality number sentences. Our chapter test will be late next week.
Rocket Math Subtraction will officially end early next week. Please continue to keep studying your subtraction facts.
Our new chapter focuses on the geography of the United States and how it affects how we live in our communities. We are currently working on a landform poster with partners and will soon move on to learning about natural resources.
After finishing up our Earth's Water unit, we are now taking a break from science for the time being to help prepare for the upcoming PSSA tests which we'll be taking from March 14-21.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ACADEMICS (Feb. 9 - 15)


Our story this week is In My Family by Carmen Lomas Garza. This story is based on the author's childhood memories while growing up in a Mexican American family in southern Texas. The students will discover her family's pasttimes, favorite dishes, and fiestas that they shared and celebrated together.

Skills include: author's purpose and point of view, using a diagram, sequence of events, and figurative language.


Every student is to make a valentine box and bring it to school with his/her valentines by Monday, Feb. 14th.

We are having a pizza party on Valentine's Day and are asking for a $1.00 donation from each student to help cover the cost of the pizza. Thank you in advance!