Friday, May 1, 2009

ACADEMICS (April 27 - MAY 4)

We read the Time for Kids selection, Pure Power, and learned about using solar energy and windmills to help save our natural resources, and cut down on pollution. Did you know that our entire country could get all the power it needs from the wind that blows through North Dakota, South Dakota, and Texas?

We are still finishing up our "Wacky Weather" report pictures. The children are having fun illustrating their weather with all kinds of materials; fabric, buttons, food, cotton balls, straws...just to name a few. We hope to have these done and on display SOON!

Our study of pronouns continues; subject, object, and possessive. It's getting a little tricky knowing when to use: its-it's/ your-you're/ there-their-they're, but we keep working at it!

We are in the middle of our geometry chapter, and have learned about points, lines (parallel-perpendicular-intersecting), line segments, rays, and angles (acute-right-obtuse). Other topics to come include polygons, perimeter, area, and volume.

Our MATH FACT CHALLENGE is closing in on the finish line. John, Tessa, and Michaela have completed the task! Many others are closing in fast! Please be sure that your son/daughter continues to practice his/her multiplication flashcards daily (even if they've met the challenge), as this is a key component of fourth grade math, and is also a graded activity.

Our study of Jamestown continues, and will culminate with making a model of Jamestown Settlement! Check the links a few entries down for some online Jamestown adventures!

The students had fun working in groups, and creating "something" from the treasures they brought in, that were going to be thrown away in the trash. These treasures were reused, and turned into robots, a helicopter, boats, and all sorts of creative things! It was fun to watch them work cooperatively and let their imaginations go wild!

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