Sunday, November 7, 2010



We are continuing our story, Dream Wolf, this week. It is a Native American tale retold by Paul Goble. In the story, two Plains Indian children become lost, and take shelter in a wolf's cave. They place their trust in the friendly wolf, and are cared for and guided safely home by him. Upon their return, the wolf is honored by the Plains people for leading the children back home.

Skill include: cause and effect, compare and contrast, and using an encyclopedia. The story assessment will be on TUESDAY, NOV. 9th.
Nouns are our new topic and we are currently learning about the different types of plural nouns. We'll then move on to common and proper nouns, and then possessive nouns; that's when things get a little tricky:).
We are wrapping up our place value chapter with a review on Monday, followed by the chapter test on Tuesday. Then, our chapter on addition will follow. We'll learn about the properties of addition and how addition and subtraction are related through fact families.
Be sure to keep working on your ROCKET MATH facts. Some of you are getting close to the top! Keep up the great work! Rocket Math for addition will be closing right before Thanksgiving vacation.
We will begin our study of communities; urban, suburban, and rural. We'll learn what makes up a community and how each type of community is special.

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