Sunday, January 30, 2011

ACADEMICS (Jan. 31 - Feb. 4)


Our story this week is The Terrible Eek, a Japanese folktale retold by Patricia Compton. A wild chain of events occurs as a result of a thief misunderstanding something he thought he heard.
Skills include: sequence of events, forming generalizations, reading a chart, and suffixes.
This week, we are beginning our verb chapter, which includes past, present and future tense verbs, as well as linking and helping verbs. Our letters to our pen pals have been mailed and we are anxiously awaiting their replies!
We are finishing our money unit and are moving on to regrouping in subtraction.
Our ROCKET MATH for subtraction program is in full swing and we have a little more than three weeks left for this operation. Students who do not pass to the next level are to take their sheets home and study them for homework, as they will be taking the same exact one-minute timed test until they reach their individualized goal. This is a graded activity and students are STRONGLY encouraged to study on a daily basis, so they continue to move through the program in a timely fashion.
CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica for completing Rocket Math subtraction first and to Paige for finishing second! Great job, girls!!!
We are wrapping up our work on map scales, and there will be an assessment on this topic this week.

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