Thursday, March 3, 2011

ACADEMICS (March 3 - 11)


Our story this week is Big Blue Whale by Nicola Davies. It is a non-fiction selection about the biggest creature in the world.

Skills include: forming generalizations, using a graph, figurative language (similes and metaphors), and author's purpose and point of view. The test will be on Wednesday, March 9th.
We are wrapping up our verb unit with composition leads and endings and summarizing. The unit test will be on Friday, March 11th.
We have finished our addition and subtraction chapter and took the chapter test this past Friday. This week we'll be going over skills to prepare for the PSSA test next week.
We have been learning about natural resources and minerals, and how we need to protect them.
This week we'll take a look at endangered animals and what we can do to protect them from becoming extinct.

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