Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ACADEMICS (Oct. 12-16)


We are continuing our story, "Max Malone", until Tuesday, October 13th; which is when the story's test will be given. From Wed. - Fri., the Unit One Reading Test will be administered.


In math this week we will be working on identifying odd and even numbers, and will also be finding numbers to continue a given number pattern. We will then be moving on to rounding numbers to the tens and hundreds.


We had a quiz on subjects of a sentence last week, and are now studying predicates. This will be followed by compound sentences.


We had a quiz on map keys and symbols last Friday, and this week we will be making playground maps with a partner. A graded homework assignment to create a room map will be coming home this week as well.


We are continuing our seed study, and are in the middle of an experiment with lima bean seeds.
We are trying to determine if open seeds grow faster than closed seeds. We'll let you know our results!

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