Saturday, October 24, 2009

ACADEMICS (Oct. 26-30)


We are breaking away from our basal reader this week and reading, "The Biggest Pumpkin Ever", by Steven Kroll. It is a delightful story about two mice, each without the other's knowledge, who help a pumpkin grow into "the biggest pumpkin ever"--but for different purposes.
Students will complete, and be graded on, a "pumpkin packet" of assorted skills with this story that include: comprehension, problem/solution, sequencing, dictionary skills, phonetic elements, and ABC order.


We are continuing with compound sentences, and will then move on to identifying, and correcting run-on sentences. Run-on sentences can be corrected either of two ways...1) breaking it apart into 2 separate, complete sentences... or... 2) adding ", and" to turn it into a compound sentence.
We had a quiz on Friday on rounding to the tens with double digit numbers. Students have also been introduced to rounding triple digit numbers to the tens. This will be followed by rounding numbers to the hundreds.
Our Addition Fact Challenge is in its LAST WEEK. Students have until Thursday, Oct. 29th to complete their facts through the 9's. On that date, they will also be given the TIMED 100 addition math facts test, which is worth 50 points.
Students, your compass rose designs are awesome! Job well done! The hallway display looks terrific! Parents, your child's grade for this project will be coming home this week. Partner playground maps have also been completed and are now on display in the hall by the library.
A room map homework project, rough draft paper, and the rubric that will be used to grade this activity will be coming home on Monday. Students are to create a map of a room of their choice in their home. The FINAL COPY of this assignment is due on MONDAY, Nov. 2nd.

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