Sunday, November 22, 2009

ACADEMICS (Nov. 23rd - Dec. 4th)


We will be finishing up Spiders at Work before Thanksgiving. The test for the story will be on Tuesday, Nov. 24th. After Thanksgiving we will be taking the Unit Two Reading Test.

Students have finished their Native American Kidspiration projects, and they are on display in the hall by the library, along with their Native American shields that they made.

Some students are working on a Paul Goble project. They will be illustrating and writing about their favorite book by this author.


Last week, after listening to the story, Thanksgiving at the Tappletons, the students wrote personal narratives about Thanksgiving with their families. They worked long, and hard on this assignment, and their efforts paid off! Look for them on display right outside our classroom.

Next, we'll be moving into our noun unit. We'll be learning about singular and plural nouns, and also common and proper nouns.


We have started studying the properties of addition. We have learned about the Commutative (order) Property and the Identity (zero) Property. Some time will be spent practicing these properties before we move onto the Associative (grouping) Property.


Our studies of communities has started. We are looking at urban, suburban, and rural communities.

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