Monday, November 9, 2009

ACADEMICS (Nov. 9 - 12)

There is no reading story this week because of 4Sight testing on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. We will be reading Paul Goble (the author of Dream Wolf) books instead, when the opportunity presents itself. In between testing, students will also be researching the Native Americans of the Plains in the computer lab, with partners from Mr. Zerbe's room, and creating a "Kidspiration" graphic of their research.


We will be reviewing our chapter skills and having a chapter test at the end of the week. Topics include: sentences/sentence fragments, the 4 types of sentences (statement, question, command, exclamation), compound/run-on sentences, subjects/predicates, and main idea/supporting details.
This week, there will be a grid map quiz, followed by a map review, and then an end of the unit map test on Thursday, Nov. 12th. Students received map term vocabulary cards on Monday, to study for Thursday's test. Besides the map terms vocabulary, students will need to know: how to draw and label a compass rose, and the name of their continent, country, and state!
We are wrapping up our place value chapter with a look at word/story problems. Students will learn that there are alternate strategies to solving these types of problems. These include: making a list, drawing a picture/diagram. and making a table.
There will be a place value chapter test next week, following our class review.
Students are creating a giant-sized model of a flower with their group this week, and will be labeling and defining all of the parts.

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