Saturday, March 28, 2009



Our story this week is The Many Lives of Benjamin Franklin. We will learn about the many great accomplishments of this famous American statesman. Skills we will be working on include: main idea, following directions, judgments and decisions, and root words.


We have finished studying line plots and took a quiz late last week. We are moving on to line graphs, which will wrap up the chapter.


Next up on our plate will be irregular verbs. This past week we had lots of practice distinguishing between linking, helping and action verbs. It was a little confusing at times but we worked our way through it.


Our study of the Anasazi and Mesa Verde continues. We are learning how they used natural resources from the yucca plant to turkey feathers! This week, we will be watching a Unitedstreaming video about their daily lives. There will be a test on Friday, April 3rd, on Lessons 2 & 3.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Rhoads,

The pictures of Mesa Verde are beautiful. Are the pictures your own personal pictures from a visit? I also really like the "bubbles" slide show, you are very clever. :)